Sym-Ply® Concrete Forming System

Forming | Sym-Ply

The Symons Sym-Ply® concrete forming system has been designed and manufactured to the demanding requirements of today's construction projects.
  • 1,500psf allowable pressure
  • 80ksi steel for strength and durability
  • Pins directly to Steel-Ply panels, fillers, corners, hinges and pilaster forms
  • Built-in Tie-Off Bars meet OSHA requirements for fall protection
  • Only 8 pounds per square foot
  • 5/8" 100/30 HDO standard plywood face
  • Reface forms as needed
  • Profiled side rail allows pry bar access for adjusting gangs to the chalk line
  • Clamp or bolt together for maximum versatility
  • 1-7/16" diameter tie hole accommodates 50kip or 15mm Taper Ties and She-Bolts
  • Plywood protector sleeve plate is buttressed by the tie box for extended sleeve life
  • Up to 10 degree batter with 50K ties
  • Only 4" deep means more forms per truck

Accessories include: Walkway Bracket, Fall Forward Bracket, Lift Bracket, Aligner Bracket, and the Bulkhead Sym-Hook.

  • Spring loaded attachments = No loose components
  • Quick and easy attachment = Saves time
  • Walkway and Fall Forward Brackets meet OSHA requirements = Worker safety
  • Can be used over panel joints = Versatility 

Suitable for Commercial and Residential Applications
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D18 - Inside Tie Rod

Forming | Sym-Ply | Ties

D2 and D30 - She Bolt (Outside Stud Rod)

Forming | Sym-Ply | Ties

D9 - Taper Tie - D/R Thread

Forming | Sym-Ply | Ties

D9A Super Taper Tie

Forming | Sym-Ply | Ties

D30A - She Bolt - D/R Thread

Forming | Sym-Ply | Ties

D9A Taper Tie

Forming | Sym-Ply | Ties

Sym-Ply® Corners

Forming | Sym-Ply | Corners

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