Below is a list of comprehensive onsite classes. These classes are designed to give you hands on experience with products and techniques. Learn directly from experienced industry professionals at our location, or at yours. Contact us for more information, or for classes you want us to offer in the future.

On Site Classes

  • Bridge Deck and Splicing

    Use and application of Dayton Superior products, incorporating all of the Bridge Deck Handbook. Included are hangers, brackets, and all forming products. Splicing will cover specification and application of all product lines including Lockshear Bolt, threaded, parallel, and tapered thread and mechanical splices.
  • Certified Tilt-Up Program

    Tilt-up products are only available through a certified tilt-up dealer. Dealers must maintain at least one employee that has been certified by Dayton Superior. Dealer must also be in good standing with Dayton Superior.
  • Chemical Training

    Liquids, powders, epoxies and grouts are discussed. Hands-on demonstrations are included.
    2.5 days
  • DOT Epoxies - Specialty Advanced

  • Gangform Forming

    The second in our series begins with reviewing handset properties, the introduction of Ganging forms together, installing and pouring concrete against gang forms. Discussion around gangforming Steel-Ply, aluminum beam/aluminum joist systems, Sym-Ply Clamp System, Flex Form, Max-A-Form and other styles of gang forms, with classroom, hands-on practice, quotation, and bidding discussion.
    2.5 days
  • Garage Beam - Specialty Advanced

  • Handset Forming Systems

    The first in our series begins with understanding concrete form pressure and design application of handset formwork. Classroom, hands-on application and testing.
    2.5 days
  • Jump Systems - Specialty Advanced

  • Max-A-Form - Specialty Advanced

  • Precast Product 1

    Threaded and headed concrete inserts are discussed. Application processes of the precaster are shown.
    2 days
  • Precast Product 2

    Advanced product technology is discussed and application shown on most products. Precast Post Tensioned and Pre-Tensioned systems will be discussed. Hands-on application of select products allow you to understand application within our customer base.
  • Shoring - Specialty Advanced

  • Shoring System

    DeckFast, FrameFast and ShoreFast product use and application. Classroom, hands-on practice, quotation, and bidding discussion.
    2.5 days
  • Soldier - Specialty Advanced

  • SteelForm - Advanced

    Advanced forming systems are taught by industry specialists. Intense coursework covering estimating, bidding and product knowledge discussions. Examples are shown.
    3 days
  • SteelForm - Basic

    Product application and use discussed in classroom style with certified SteelForm specialists. Basic nomenclature and application practices are discussed with proper bidding procedures.
    2 days
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