Sleeve-Lock® Grout Sleeve System

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The Dayton Superior D410 Sleeve-Lock® Grout Sleeve is a one-piece mechanical coupler designed to butt-splice reinforcing steel in concrete structures. The Double Ended Grout Sleeve is available in seven (7) sizes to accommodate deformed bar sizes #4 through #18. Bars of like size or of different sizes can be effectively spliced by the System. The grout is a specially formulated cement based non-metallic grout. Made in the USA.
Product Features
• Achieves over 160% Fy, categorizing it as a Type 2 splice.
• Available in #4-#18 sizes
• Complete Dayton Superior System (Sleeve and Grout)
• Offered in Plain or Epoxy
• Grout ports are equal size and accept ASTM Standard 3/4" SC H 40 PVC
• Centering pins
• Integral rebar stop
• Integrated positioning feet
Typical Applications for Grout Sleeves:
Parking Garages
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