Some of Tilt-Werks® many features are:

  • 24/7 Access to the subscriber site and the Tilt-Werks® application and project information from any broadband enabled PC
  • Support for ACI 318-08, 11, 14 & 19 and CSA-A23.3-14 concrete design codes
  • Dynamic graphic interface provides a true view of the tilt-up wall as user enters or changes wall data
  • Design of multiple Tilt-Up panels by wall
  • Panel design criteria can be customize for the entire wall right down to individual panel strips
  • Quickly optimize wall designs based on material costs input
  • Lifting analysis and brace engineering
  • Ability to import Tilt-Up panels from Revit with our custom Revit Addin

Tilt-Werks® automatically generates:

  • Detailed panel design reports
  • Tilt-Up panel design/detail drawings that can be exported by wall or individual panel
  • Tilt-Up reinforcing design and shop drawings that are exported with automatic panel grouping for duplicate panels
  • A full material quantity summary and project estimate, using user defined costs, for the entire project or user selected panels
  • Tilt-Up reinforcing bar cut list creation per CRSI standard
  • Files for import into rebar fabrication software (ex. Soulé, Shear97 & ASA)
  • IFC files of the entire tilt-up project which can be imported into compatible BIM software or viewer (ex. Revit®)

Additional Features

  • Addition of user defined embed plates to drawings which are fully dimensioned
  • Export of editable DXF drawing files at user selected scale factors which can be imported into compatible CAD software or viewer
  • Ability to customize DXF drawings before export by defining user specific items such as:
    • Layer names, colors and line types
    • Text styles
    • Display of dimensions
    • Display of various notes
    • And much more
  • Interface with Dayton Superior for lifting and bracing engineering
  • Directly specify and detail Connect-EZ weldless devices, panel anchors and joist to panel connections into projects. This information can then be shared directly with Connect-EZ to obtain pricing and schedule shipment directly to the project job site.
  • Share project model automatically with other members of the design/construction team
  • Intuitive tab based data entry format guides you through the project model development
  • Preservation of Data: Tilt-Werks® is designed to back-up all user data on a daily basis
  • Tilt-Werks® is a secure online application that is available only to subscribers
  • Interfaces with other structural framing design software
  • Free preliminary designs with abbreviated material summary report

    • Access to whitepapers, details, sample specifications and more
    • Access to manufacturers' data for Tilt-Up specific items (lifting, bracing, etc)
    • Updates and enhancements to the application happen automatically and do not require downloads
    • Complimentary customer support
    • Affordable subscription fees and project based pricing. Use and pay for only the Tilt-Werks® modules that you need for your project
    • Time saved on projects. From data entry to design results and drawing creation, Tilt-Werks® streamlines the process to reduce the time needed for project completion