Contractors receive important project drawings and information directly from the Engineer/Designer or create their own tilt-up wall and material lists.

Tilt-Werks® accurately generates a bill of materials and cost information for contractors through the input of building geometry and minimal building design data and specification. This resource facilitates the communication of project requirements to suppliers and eases the communication workflow of any tilt-up project. Field changes can be input and accessed in real time by the entire project team saving time in answering RFI's and keeping your project schedule.


  • The intuitive user interface allows contractors to enter building geometry to create tilt-up panels and complete projects within Tilt-Werks®
  • Tilt-Werks® allows contractors to create a bill of materials within the application that can be shared with suppliers for cost estimates
  • Contractor generated takeoffs, using Tilt-Werks®, eliminates inaccuracies and reduces RFI's