Go from concept to completion faster than you ever thought possible with Tilt-Werks® by Dayton Superior, a standardized software package for designing tilt-up buildings and producing precise structural drawings. Its innovative technology, unique  in the tilt-up industry, has been used for more than two decades on over 400 tilt-up buildings and more than 30 million square feet of building construction.

An outstanding tool for enhancing productivity and efficiency, Tilt-Werks features a user-friendly interface that allows architects, engineers, designers, contractors and material providers to collaborate quickly and easily, online. Tilt-Werks advantages include:

  • Leverage the expertise of your current engineering/technical staff
  • Concurrently design all panels for projects
  • Design a building in hours rather than days
  • Automatically generate BIM data
  • Automatically import Tilt-Up Panels from Revit
  • Instant, accurate tilt-up panel quantities and costs
  • Increased profit margins on every tilt-up project
  • No more miscommunication about enhancements or changes




Slab-Werks™ is a fully integrated service included in Tilt-Werks that allows for project estimating and provides a complete list of material takeoffs for concrete slabs. These calculations provide vital information such as chemical quantities, slab dowel counts, grout volumes, and bar support quantities.  


Slab-Werks™ makes project planning simpler so you can order the right amount of materials the first time.

Advantages include:

  • Quickly generates an accurate report of applicable accessories by inputting a few items of simple slab information
  • Performs automated chemical quantity takeoffs with the ability to sort by composition/VOC classification
  • Produces slab dowel counts to reduce ordering excess materials
  • Automatically determines required bar support size, with the ability to select between all Dayton Superior chairs
  • Provides an accurate quantity of panel grout to aid in ordering the right amount the first time


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Tilt-Werks® Online Design Application Technology

Tilt-Werks® was originally designed and utilized as an internal software application. The concept for Tilt-Werks® is to provide an automated way to design tilt-up projects and produce structural drawings from design data input. This system has been utilized for more than two decades on over 400 tilt-up buildings. The decision to bring this concept to the web was done not only to provide a cost effective way for structural engineers to design and share building projects, but to enhance the productivity and efficiency of all parties involved in a tilt-up construction project. The Tilt-Werks® application features a user interface that allows designers, contractors and material providers alike to experience the benefits of online project collaboration.

The technology of Tilt-Werks® is unique in the tilt-up industry. This online resource allows all parties involved in a tilt-up project to benefit from increased design and construction efficiency. Tilt-Werks® provides a design and communication resource for structural engineers, designers, architects, contractors, material manufacturers, fabricators and material suppliers to increase their profit margins on every tilt-up construction project and to alleviate miscommunication about project enhancements or changes. Tilt-Werks® speeds the process from concept to completion of a tilt-up project and allows the project to be built more efficiently.

Expert Tilt-Up Construction Online Design System

The Tilt-Werks® collaborative technology has been created by a team of tilt-up industry experts. The functionality of the system comes from the Tilt-Up Design Systems, LLC (TDS) teams' experience in the industry. Tilt-Werks® has been utilized in the design of more than 400 buildings just as a proprietary application. Bringing this technology to market enables the industry as a whole to utilize a system that has been created through over 10 years of user experience and more than 30,000,000 square feet of building construction.

Our experts at TDS developed a sophisticated user interface to link all of the parties involved in tilt-up construction, allowing for faster communication about project details and transfer of material lists to potential suppliers, thus expediting the project construction.


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