Dayton Superior has been synonymous with quality, safety and service within the tilt-up industry since the beginning. From pioneering the embedded coil insert and developing the industry-changing Twist-Lift insert and lifting hardware, to our unmatched, present day portfolio of product solutions and professional services, Dayton Superior is the tilt-up expert trusted by contractors.

Dayton Superior is trusted by contractors as their single source provider of tilt-up product and service solutions because we offer:

  • The tilt-up industry's most comprehensive portfolio of services and products for every phase of your project.
  • Tilt-Werks®, by Dayton Superior is an innovative, user-friendly software package that takes even the most complex structures from concept to design in just hours
  • Respect for your schedule. We make your schedule our priority.
  • Accubrace®, by Dayton Superior bracing solutions for the strongest support for today's taller, heavier structures
  • Reliability, predictability and availability by empowering our team of professionals to get you what you need, when you need it.
  • A single point of contact, to keep communication uncomplicated.
  • Product training when and where you need it, on the jobsite, in your office or ours.
  • An unmatched dedication to safety. From the first day on the jobsite to the last, we want to ensure that you and your crews return home safely each and every day.

We add value the competition can't touch. When you choose Dayton Superior as your single source provider for all your product and service solutions, we take your tilt-up project from concept to completion faster, safer and more efficiently.

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Go from concept to completion faster than you ever thought possible with Tilt-Werks® by Dayton Superior. View more information now
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T110 - Superior Lift System for Tilt-Up


Accubrace® System and Helical Ground Anchors (HGAs)


Formliner System


Acrylic Bonding Agent J40

Chemicals | Liquids | Latex Bonding Agents/Additives

1107 Advantage™ Grout

Chemicals | Powders | Grouts

Citrus Cleaner J48

Chemicals | Liquids | Cleaners/Strippers

Architectural Finish™

Chemicals | Powders | Vertical/Overhead

Final Finish
Tamms Cement wash

Cure & Seal 25% J22UV

Chemicals | Liquids | Cures & Seals

T58 and T58S - Double Chamfer Strip

Accessories | Tilt-Up | Rustication & Chamfers

P38 Corewall® Slotted Insert II


PENTRA-HARD® Liquid Densifier

Chemicals | Liquids | Liquid Densifiers

Sure Fil™ J52 Joint Fillers

Chemicals | Epoxies | Joint Fillers

Sure Lift™ with Dye J6D

Chemicals | Liquids | Bond Breaker

P81 - Superior Shimpak


P92FE - Fleet Forged Erection Anchor


PCC - Aztec® Castle Chair®

Accessories | Rebar Supports | Plastic Bar Supports

PSBB - Aztec® StrongBack Slab/Beam Bolster

Accessories | Rebar Supports | Plastic Bar Supports

PSC - Aztec® Straddle Chair™

Accessories | Rebar Supports | Plastic Bar Supports

D410 Sleeve-Lock® Double Ended Grout Sleeve


T14 - Tilt-Up Wall Braces


T45 - Ground Release II™ Patch Cap

Accessories | Tilt-Up

T66 - Tilt Bracket™

Accessories | Tilt-Up

T69 - T-Strip Sawcut Protector

Accessories | Tilt-Up

T6A and T6S - Brace Anchor

Accessories | Tilt-Up

V61 - Rustication Strips for Concrete

Accessories | Precast | Rustication & Chamfers

P24 and P24XL - Delta Tie Sandwich Panel Connectors

Accessories | Tilt-Up | Plastic Tilt-Up Accessories

T275 - Tilt-Up Anchor and T275B - Base Plate

Accessories | Tilt-Up | Pick Up Inserts

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Our Accubrace bracing solutions provide the strongest support for today's taller, heavier structures



Bring your vision to life with Tilt-Werks then rely on our tilt-up or precast expertise to build it right.

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