Taper-Lock® System

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Dayton Superior offers a complete line of Taper-Lock couplers, ranging from size #4 (13 mm, 10 M) to #18 (57 mm, 55 M), for a wide range of rebar splicing applications. 

The Taper-Lock design allows the coupler to self-align onto the taper-threaded rebar. This makes the installation time much faster and saves time on the jobsite.

Taper-Lock complies with and is listed on many industry approvals, including:

  • IAPMO UES Evaluation ER-0245 and ER-0319
  • Ministries of Ontario and Quebec
  • Army Corp of Engineers

The Taper-Lock 2G Machine saves rebar fabricator Time and Money by maximizing throughput rates and minimizing changeover and maintenance time and costs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Faster threading / Increases productivity
  • Fully automated / Reduces labor costs
  • Electronic leveling system lines up with current rolling table / Money saving compatibility
  • Extended tooling life / Saves money on consumable tooling
  • Threads all common types of rebar / Versatile and easy to use
  • Minimized rebar size change-over and set-up / Lower operational costs

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