Completed in 1914, the Panama Canal has been deemed one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The canal serves as a key channel for the international shipping industry, cutting across the Isthmus of Panama to connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Since the canal’s opening, more than 815,000 ships have passed through the canal.

While the canal opened up a safer, quicker route for maritime trade, the size of the locks dictated the size of the vessel that could pass through. However, the growth of the shipping trade and the demand for ships exceeding the size limitations of the canal brought about plans to expand the canal. These plans call for two new sets of locks with sliding gates and new approach channels that will accommodate the larger ships and additional traffic.

Dayton Superior Panama is proud to be providing product solutions and technical support on the Panama Canal Expansion project. The company has provided custommade E-Z Lock Spacer Wheels for increased concrete coverage as well as the Taper-Lock® System, a proprietary taper-threaded coupler used to mechanically splice structural reinforcement. All Dayton Superior Panama products used on the canal were presented to site managers with final approval given by the Panama Canal Authority (ACP).

Dayton Superior Panama was one of only three companies consulted on a solution and Dayton's design was selected due to characteristics such as strength and the lock hub. Thus far, nearly 400,000 of the company’s custom-made spacer wheels have been used on the Panama Canal expansion. In having Dayton Superior Panama provide custom-made spacer wheels, the contractor could now install them much faster and ensure the coverage area would be correct for the thorough construction inspections conducted on each aspect of the project. Another benefit in using the custom spacer wheels is that the concrete did not require sanding for a smooth finish, ultimately saving the contractor labor costs and work time.
“Dayton Superior Panama was able to meet the exact needs in manufacturing a spacer wheel that would work in the required varying coverage areas,” said Rick Wilson, Dayton Superior’s International Business Director. “The design of the spacer wheel proved superior because once locked onto the rebar it would not fall off or change shape, guaranteeing uniform coverage.”

PLW - Aztec® E-Z Lok™ Wheel

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Taper-Lock® System

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