Cerveceria National (National Brewery) began brewing and distribution operations in 1887, making it among Ecuador’s oldest brewing companies. Over the years, the company installed a bottling “Super-Line” with the capacity to handle 100,000 bottles an hour and introduced new brands including Golden (Dorada) and Pilsener Light. The 125-yearold company, who now brews, bottles and distributes beer, soft drinks and bottled water, grossed $250 million (in U.S. dollars) in 2008. The company strives to develop leading brands for the Ecuadorian market while also maintaining a presence in international markets. Their Pilsener, One Way Pilsener and Club One Way brands are sold within the United States.

To maintain their market share, the company, with assistance from the Ecuadorian government, invested $3 million (in U.S. dollars) to construct new water and product mixing tanks for their facility in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Construction of the new tanks, which are crucial to the brewing process, would need to happen quickly to avoid lengthy production delays at the facility.

National Brewery was experiencing problems with a number of tanks at the facility, making completion of the new tanks imperative to maintaining their production schedule. Because National Brewery also adheres to strict international brewing standards, the company needed to be certain that, despite the aggressive construction schedule, the tanks would be built using quality products and methods.

Because of the excellent selection of equipment and backed by a reputation for exceptional customer service, National Brewery, working through distributor Intaco Ecuador, chose to use the Symons brand Steel-Ply forming system and related accessory products. Symons by Dayton Superior provided approximately 5,000 square feet of forming for the project. Since Steel-Ply can be hand set, set up was completed quickly. The forming system also uses fewer parts while still allowing concrete to be poured correctly, resulting in a good finished concrete face. The easy to use system allowed the project contractor to accomplish set up roughly 30% faster than other forms and thus saving an approximate value of $30,000 in labor costs. For the customer, this meant the plant was ready to produce product 60 days ahead of schedule.
“We knew that by using Symons by Dayton Superior, National Brewery was getting an easy-to-use, excellent product that would provide for faster installation, ultimately saving time and money for all associated with the project,” said Antonio Ruiz, Engineering Manager with Intaco Ecuador Results
  • $30,000 savings in labor costs
  • Ability to be hand set allowed for 30% faster installation
  • Contributed to project completion ahead of schedule

Steel-Ply® Concrete Forming System

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