When Frank McCracken, the contractor repre‑ senting Akron School District R‑1, approached Symons® by Dayton Superior seeking advice about forming the risers for a high school stadium, he stated that he preferred a sys‑ tem that is assembled once and moved for multiple reuses.

Symons suggested a combination of Symons Soldiers with Max‑A‑Form® Rigid Screw Jacks for the framework of the system, and Steel‑Ply for the riser forms. He explained that a 20' stretch of all ten 12" tall, 2'‑8" wide risers could be formed in one operation and then moved to the next pour.

Once the idea was approved, the engineering layout began. A grid of vertical and horizontal Soldier Beams were stiffened with diagonal Soldier Beams. The diagonal members were supported with Max‑A‑Form Rigid Jacks in‑ serted into Swivel Screw Jack brackets, and the whole assembly was supported by strut jacks during pouring operations.

In addition to creating a grid to hold the formwork, engineers designed a unique way to move the forms from one pour to the next. Horizontal Soldier Beams were bolted to ver‑ tical members at the top and bottom of the frame and 10" rigid wheels were attached to the horizontal beams. When the forms were stripped by raising the strut jacks, a forklift lifted each end of the frame, an 8" x 10" steel beam was placed on its side under the rigid wheels, and the whole assembly was rolled to the next location.
The contractor was very pleased with how quickly the forming system assembled and how easily it moved from one location to another.

Steel-Ply® Concrete Forming System


Symons® Soldier Beam System

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