Sechelt is located in the heart of “the Sun‑ shine Coast” of British Columbia in Canada. A popular leisure and retirement destination, contractors are busy keeping up with the de‑ mand for new construction.

C. Hamilton Enterprise, Ltd. is a typical exam‑ ple of a contractor who is handling an increas‑ ing number of larger concrete construction projects. Owner Clark Hamilton had observed other contractors using the Steel‑Ply forming system on several construction projects, but he had never had the opportunity to use it.

Curious about the system, he asked for a layout of an underground parking structure that was being planned for a retirement community. Impressed by what he saw, he ordered enough equipment to pour half of the concrete structure at a time.

Although he was a little unsure at first, by the time they finished the first pouring cycle, he and his crew were convinced that Steel‑Ply was the best choice for this project. They were able to set and strip the walls much faster and with fewer problems than ever before.

Once Clark Hamilton saw how smoothly the wall forming had gone with the Symons® by Dayton Superior equipment and layouts, he asked about another first for his company… shoring layout service for the rest of the struc‑ ture and availability of the necessary shoring equipment, too.

Although the local Symons branch in Van‑ couver had limited shoring frames in stock, they promised the contractor that they would deliver plans and equipment that would more than equal the success of the wall forming por‑ tion of the project. To provide the necessary equipment, they called on the Symons distri‑ bution network to get the shoring system to the job site on schedule. The branch wanted to prove to the contractor that even his very first shoring job could proceed smoothly.

The contractor appreciated the wide spacing possible with the system of shoring frames supporting the aluminum beams and joists. He immediately noticed the benefits of being able to move more freely around the site compared to his traditional dense wood post shoring.

The contractor wound up this project on time and under budget thanks to the plans and equipment provided by Symons.

Steel-Ply® Concrete Forming System

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