When Alta Pump Company asked an architect to design a partially underground storage building for a hillside location, the architect came up with a plan for an arched, mono‑ lithically poured concrete structure able to withstand the weight of the soil.
When Alta Pump contacted Symons® by Dayton Superior for form design recom‑ mendations, Symons provided drawings for formwork that combined the Steel‑Ply and Flex‑Form forming systems, with the Symons Soldier Beam in a shoring appliction for this unique structure.

The plan utilized Steel-Ply panels for the 8' high side walls, and a combination of Steel‑Ply and job-built plywood for the one-sided back wall that was 11' tall at the center.

To form the vaulted ceiling, a system of Flex‑Form supported by Symons Soldier Beams was designed.

Comprehensive drawings provided by Symons showed the form layout and included details about connections between the systems.

Flex-Form® System


Steel-Ply® Concrete Forming System


Symons Soldier Beam System