Amcor Precast, based in Littleton, Colorado, understands the value of using the right concrete forming equipment. When they won the contract for the Waterglen Bridge, they knew that they needed dependable productivity, accuracy and strength to re‑ produce the 7' culvert sections. Although they were not frequent Symons® by Dayton Superior customers, Amcor was interested in obtaining suggestions for this important bridge project.
Amcor was concerned about allowing plenty of room for the crew while setting rebar and pouring the concrete, so Symons suggested using 10' equipment for forming the 7' sec‑ tions. This scheme gave workers a suitable platform at each end that was free from obstructions. To form the culvert sections, Symons recommended a combination of Steel‑Ply® components supported by Symons Soldier Beams. The plan utilized standard fillers and hinged corners to produce the short inside wall and the chamfered inside corner on each section.
An assortment of hardware and accessories were included to complete the forming package. The Symons Soldier Beam as‑ sembly involved Strut Jacks for support and Pivot Brackets for the corner detail. Other components such as 5" Walers, Taper Ties, 50 kip Cast Bearing Washers, and various nuts and bolts were clearly detailed on the plans so that there were no surprises for the precaster.
Amcor was impressed with the thoroughness of the forming plan. They particularly ap‑ preciated the assembly plans and reported that the project proceeded smoothly pour after pour.

Steel-Ply® Concrete Forming System


Symons® Soldier Beam System

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