Nearly 20 years ago, the world’s largest Internet company,, was just beginning its rise from start-up to ecommerce giant. When the Seattle-based company made their first sale, they had two fulfillment centers – one in Seattle and the other in Delaware. Within a year, the company reached sales revenue of $15.7 million. Since that time, the company has grown to realize sales revenue of $74.5 billion in 2013 with predictions that by 2015, the company’s sales revenue could reach $100 billion. To support both domestic and global growth, the company has built a network of fulfillment/distribution facilities. Currently, the company has more than 130 distribution facilities worldwide, 61 of which are in the U.S. This will grow to 62 U.S. facilities when Amazon’s soon-to-open newest distribution center opens in Kent, Washington – about 20 miles south of the company’s headquarters.

Dayton Superior provided the contractor with a full solutions package, which included the T250 Lifting insert, the T110 Superior Lift System, T120 Superior Lift Hardware, and B12 and B14 Braces.

By using Dayton Superior’s T250 Lifting Insert on the project’s larger panels, the contractor was able to use 8 point picks to lift the panels, versus a 16 point pick, ultimately saving both time and money on the job. The T250 Lifting Insert provides a dual forged foot design creating up to a 30% higher load capacity over single foot anchors, thus reducing the number of anchors needed.

The T120 Superior Lift Hardware easily attaches to the T250 Lifting Insert by engaging the curved clutch handle into the opening of the anchor. The ball of the hardware aligns itself to the pull of the rigging. Once engaged and under load, the T120 cannot be disengaged by remote ground release until the load has been removed in lowering the rigging. The T120 Superior Lift Hardware was also used with the T110 Superior Lift System.

The T110 Superior Lift System is a time and money saving solution for heavier, taller and more complex panels, like those used in the construction of the Amazon Distribution Center. This system consists of a forged foot anchor, 4-leg wire base and plastic void former. The insert is positioned with the void direction toward the panel’s top, then tied in place to the rebar cage.

In addition, Dayton Superior supplied the project with multiple pallets of accessory products including the PEZ E-Z Chair®, the PTZ Tower Chair, PSW Space Wheels and Tie Wire. Also supplied were more than 25 drums of Sure Lift™ J6 bondbreaker and 36 drums of Pentra-Hard® Densifier

B12 - Coil Rod

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B14 - Coil Bolts

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