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Inside and Outside Corners

Inside and Outside Corners are all-steel corners that lock adjoining forms together to make a 90° angle.

Standard Inside Corners have a face dimension of 4"x4" or 6"x6".  Each Inside Corner is manufactured with reinforcing straps to maintain 90°.  Dadoes are placed 12" O.C. for tie connection and slots are placed 12" O.C. for connecting hardware.

Bay Corners

Inside Bay Corners opposite Outside Bay Corners form a 135° angle.

The Inside Bay Corner has a 3"x3" face dimension, and the Outside Bay Corner has a 7"x7" face dimension.  Ties connect at adjoining panel joints to complete this forming detail. Bay Corners can also be used horizontally to form wall haunches and “Y” walls.

Hinged Corners

The Inside Hinged Corner may be used to form inside corners down to a 45° angle.  The Outside Hinged Corner forms outside corners from 135° down to a 5° angle.

In most wall applications, Inside Hinged Corners are used opposite Outside Hinged Corners.  Always insert connecting Wedge Bolts toward the adjoining panels so that the angle will not be restricted. Corners must always be adequately waled, braced and blocked as required.

45° Bay Corner Bracket

The 45° Bay Corner Bracket (Patent #5,044,601) can be used in place of the 7"x7" Bay Corner.  Two appropriately sized fillers are connected to form th outside 135° angle.

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