PLW - Aztec® E-Z Lok Wheel™

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Dayton Superior manufactures a complete line of rebar and/or mesh supports. All Dayton Superior rebar supports are manufactured to the recommendations or specifications of the Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI).
Made from engineered composite resins, the E-Z Lok Wheel was designed for use in situations where a lightweight wheel is not sufficient to maintain proper location of the reinforcement. Once attached, this wheel will stay in place.  The unique symmetrical design maintains a consistent cover, regardless of the rebar size. With a wider hub, the E-Z Lok Wheel will not rack or fall off. The E-Z Lok Wheel offers flexibility and strength with multiple hub diameters for rebar sizes from 3/8" (No. 3) to 3/4" (No. 6) and is furnished in a variety of clearances. It is suitable for use with larger diameters of welded wire fabric. The wheel will not change shape and will always provide uniform concrete cover. The E-Z Lok Wheel is perfect for any vertical application where concrete cover must be maintained and is the ultimate side form spacer when strength counts.

PROP65 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the state of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to  (Acrylonitrile)
  • Multiple hub diameter for rebar sizes #3 to #6
  • Designed for medium- to heavy-duty projects
  • Wider locking hub eliminates "racking" and will not fall off
  • Industry choice for use in heavy columns
  • Once locked onto rebar, this wheel will not change shape and will always provide uniform cover

Meets all requirements and qualifies as a CRSI Class 1 Bar Support.



Side-Form Spacer

Cover Height:

From 1-1/2" to 4"

Please note: Concrete cover is defined as the distance from where the reinforcement sits in the hub of the wheel to the outside of the wheel (where it contacts the form).

Product Code Packaging
122841 STANDARD 1-1/2" #3 - 10MM TO #4 - 13MM
122842 STANDARD 1-1/2" #5 - 16MM TO #6 - 19MM
220392 STANDARD 2" #3 - 10MM TO #4 - 13MM
220388 STANDARD 2" #5 - 16MM TO #6 - 19MM
122843 HEAVY DUTY 1-1/2" #3 - 10MM TO #4 - 13MM
122844 HEAVY DUTY 1-1/2" #5 - 16MM TO #6 - 19MM
122845 HEAVY DUTY 2-1/2" #3 - 10MM TO #4 - 13MM
122846 HEAVY DUTY 3" #3 - 10MM TO #4 - 13MM
122847 HEAVY DUTY 3" #5 - 16MM TO #6 - 19MM
220389 HEAVY DUTY 4" #5 - 16MM TO #6 - 19MM
220391 HEAVY DUTY 4" #8 - 25MM
143316 HEAVY DUTY 4-1/2" #9 - 29MM
143317 HEAVY DUTY 5-1/2" #9 - 29MM
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.