PFW BarTender™ Plastic Foundation Wheel

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The PFW BarTender™ Plastic Foundation Wheel is a plastic, locking wheel used to position reinforcing steel.  It consists of a sturdy wide outer diameter, an inner collar, structural spokes, and an integral locking mechanism.  The PFW is made in the USA.

The PFW BarTender is used to maintain the concrete cover aroundthe diameter of a drilled shaft, rebar cage.  It may also be used within a caisson ring for the same purpose.

Product Code Packaging
145202 5.6" O.D. #3 [10MM] TO #7 [22MM]; 2.3" COVER
145203 6.0" O.D. #3 [10MM] TO #7 [22MM]; 2.5" COVER
145204 8.0" O.D. #3 [10MM] TO #7 [22MM]; 3.5" COVER
145205 10.8" O.D. #3 [10MM] TO #7 [22MM]; 4.9" COVER
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