P92SF - Fleet-Lift™ Sandwich Panel Erection Anchor



The P92SF Fleet-Lift Sandwich Panel Erection Anchor (Patent #5,857,296) is designed to erect precast insulated sandwich panels with a minimum loss of insulation.  The P92SF Sandwich Panel Erection Anchor is designed for use with the most common insulation thickness. The head of the anchor is designed with two protrusions on the head of the anchor which provide protection against concrete spalling. These protrusions restrict the ring clutch rotation during lateral pulls. As a result, lateral forces are transmitted directly to the edge of the anchor instead of the concrete. The design of the anchor allows it to distribute anchor loads evenly to both concrete wythes. This is accomplished with two tension bars placed through the holes at the end of the anchor.

The P92SF is installed in concrete for tension and shear lifting applications.

Product Code Packaging
143700 6 TON 7.00" PLAIN
145081 9 TON 5.75" PLAIN
145572 12 TON 7.00" PLAIN
145573 12 TON 8.00" PLAIN
143701 6 TON 7.00" HOT DIPPED GALV.
145719 12 TON 8.00" HOT DIPPED GALV.
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.