Bud Phellps, Concrete Superintendent for Baker Construction, came to Symons® by Dayton Superior with a set of blueprints for the 16th Street Market Place. As part of the popular 16th Street Mall area in downtown Denver the mixed-use building features street-level retail space, offices on middle floors, and luxury lofts on the top floor.
The design called for four underground stories of one-sided wall forming for the underground parking facility. The contractor knew that he needed to carefully evaluate forming options to find one that was efficient and able to resist the vertical slide and uplift that they would be subjected to.

Technical Services produced a plan that utilized 8' x 20' gangs of Versiform panels. These gangs were backed by Symons Soldier beams in an A-frame configuration and the assembly was bolted into the 5" thick concrete slab at the Pivot Bracket attachment point.

In addition to the walls, Baker Construction needed to form many columns throughout the structure. They selected Versiform forms with Quick Column Hardware to simplify the repetitive setting and stripping of these important elements.

Bud Phellps was impressed with the strength and stability of the wall form design and appreciated the knowledgeable technical support. He also appreciated the fact that his concerns about efficiency and reducing labor costs were addressed right from the start, and that the plans were backed by solid engineering know-how.

Versiform® System

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