When Kimberly‑Clark, the leading manufacturer of tissues and other paper-based household and personal care products, contracted with Miron Construction to build a new under‑ ground paper pulp vat in their Menomonee, Wisconsin plant, Symons drew up the plans to form the monolithic concrete walls of the structure.

The design called for one-sided forming with concrete poured between the forms and a wall of shotecrete-treated earth. This surface pro‑ vided a relatively straight opposing wall and maintained support for the surrounding slab during construction. Similar to a cofferdam, the forms needed to be braced against the horizontal pressures on all four sides during concrete placement operations.

It was determined that the best forming system for this application was Max‑A‑Form. Its large panel sizes and smooth finish, com‑ bined with the strength of the system, made it a natural choice for this large, but confined application.

Symons Soldier was selected to act as walers at tie locations and to provide the necessary horizontal bracing against concrete pressure. The contractor was initially concerned that uneven concrete pressure at the beginning of the pour would shift the forms. When they saw the plan for anchoring the vertical Symons Soldier Beams in the center of the bracing framework, they were very satisfied that the system would remain fixed during the concrete placement.
Miron Construction reports the system was set up and the walls were poured within one week. The plan worked well, and Symons Soldier provided the safe, steady bracing they needed for this challenging project.

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