When Atkinson/Washington/Zachary (AWZ) was contracted to build the inlet/ outlet tower for the Eastside Reservoir near Hemet, California, they chose Symons® by Dayton Superior systems for the core form for a shaft inside this 250' structure. The contractor experienced a number of difficulties with other portions of the tower construction, but all plans and equipment from Symons worked as expected.

During the tower construction phase, Project Engineer Bill Scharf was busy designing a system of temporaty structural steel support beams to form the tower’s massive roof. To support concrete 4 feet thick, with 10' overhangs 250' above ground, he needed something strong, but he realized that the cost to manufacture his own custom design was much too expensive.

He decided to ask Symons for suggestions. His experience with the tower shaft construction and other projects had already proven that Symons could provide helpful advice and valuable technical assistance.

Symons recommended using Symons Soldiers assembled in a configuration similar to typical bridge overhang brackets. Like his own custom design, this system utilized heavy duty inserts cast into the wall every 4 feet around the top edge of the wall. Technical Services established a basic design so that a cost estimate could be developed.

When the proposal was presented to Bill Scharf, he immediately acknowledged the significant time and money savings the Symons Soldier system would provide. Pleased with this initial plan, he okayed an extensive design review by Symons representatives, AWZ engineers and officials of the Metropolitan Water District. The in-depth design review demonstrated design capacities that met stringent safety requirements, so the plan was approved by all parties.

Once the system was in place, the roof deck was installed according to plan. AWZ Engineer Jake Van Baarsel reported that the system performed exactly as designed.

Symons® Soldier Beam System

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