Per Del Construction, a busy concrete contract‑ ing company based in Lemont, Illinois, owns some Steel‑Ply equipment, and supplements their inventory by renting additional forms when they need them. This arrangement provides the contractor more flexibility and better cost-effectiveness than either renting or owning all of their forms.

Steel‑Ply is the “work-horse” forming system for Per Del. The contractor recognizes the productivity advantages of using this versatile system compared to conventional job-built forms. Because the system comes in a wide variety of sizes, and it can be handset or gangformed horizontally or vertically, and can even be used for curved walls, this contractor appreciates the nearly limitless configurations possible with Steel‑Ply forms.

The contractor likes using Steel‑Ply forms combined with other equipment. When they need to accommodate penetrations or unusual dimensions, they form most of the wall with Steel‑Ply, add Transition Brackets or Fillers, and attach job‑built sections. If a project requires large gangs, they rent Versiform® panels, add Transition Fillers, and use Steel‑Ply equipment to create the necessary details. The transition equipment allows the contractor more design flexibility than using any one system alone ever could.

For large jobs, Per Del uses a combination of Steel‑Ply forms that they own along with rented forms. They have found that this arrangement provides several important advantages. They can arrange to have only the forms they need delivered to the site when they need them, and they do not have to store the forms between jobs or tie up their money in idle equipment.

Although the contractor appreciates the flexibility possible with renting forms, they acknowledge the advantages of owning much of their equipment. Because the strong steel frame lasts a long time and the special ½" HDO plywood face can be replaced when necessary, they know that the money they put into their Steel‑Ply inventory will benefit them for years. In addition, when they have occasion‑ ally rotated equipment out of inventory, they found the resale value for their used Steel‑Ply was high.

Per Del Construction depends on Steel‑Ply every day to contribute to the continued success of the company.

Steel-Ply® Concrete Forming System

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