, the world’s largest online retailer, continues to grow. With a staggering number of orders placed through the popular website each day, the need for additional support to fulfill orders has grown as well. One new fulfillment center helping to meet those needs is a nearly one million square foot facility situated on 80 acres in Lebanon, Tennessee. This facility is’s third in the state and will bring more than 1,000 new jobs to the area.
General Contractor for the project, Catamount Constructors and concrete subcontractor, Danko Concrete were on an aggressive construction schedule. They needed a package of product solutions that would simplify the time of placement application of densifier to the building floor prior to the use of cure and bondbreaker.
Catamount Constructors and Danko Concrete approached Dayton Superior to provide the product solution package they required. Included within that package was one of Dayton Superior's newest chemical products, PENTRA-HARD® Densifier. The product utilizes advanced lithium technology to harden and dustproof new and existing concrete. The VOC compliant, easy to use densifier was applied to the facility's floors at the time of concrete placement and required no rinsing and eliminated removal of the film prior to densifying. The simplicity of the application saved a great deal of time and money, ultimately contributing to the project remaining on budget. In addition to the PENTRA-HARD Densifier, other Dayton Superior chemical product solutions utilized on the project included over 2,300 gallons of Clear Resin Cure J11W and nearly 1,400 gallons of Sure Lift™ J6WB bond breaker.
“The time of concrete placement application of PENTRA-HARD Densifier in conjunction with their complete system of cure, bond breaker, tilt-up accessories, bar supports, etc… helped us complete this project on schedule and within budget,” said Tom McKelvey, project manager with Catamount Constructors.
PENTRA-HARD® is a trademark of Advanced Concrete Technologies (ADVAN) and sub-licensed exclusively to DAYTON SUPERIOR and Convergent Concrete Technologies LLC (CONVERGENT). Nano-Lithium®, (NL) brand names and logos are trademarks of Advanced Concrete Technologies, LLC (“ADVAN”) and licensed to DAYTON / CONVERGENT, under a non-exclusive co-brand/technology licenses. All rights reserved. Products manufactured and marketed by DAYTON SUPERIOR are protected by U.S. patents and/or pending patents under license rights granted by ADVANCED CONCRETE TECHNOLOGIES, LLC; other patents pending. 

PENTRA-HARD® Liquid Densifier

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