On the southeast corner of the new World Trade Center site, Tower 4 completed its 977' climb into New York City’s skyline. Comprised of high-strength concrete core walls, a structural steel frame and concrete slab floors, the $2 billion, 72-story tower will house 2.3 million square feet of retail and office space when completed.

Overseeing the nearly 400,000 cubic yards of concrete being used in the construction of Tower 4 is Roger & Sons Concrete, Inc.. The family-owned company was awarded the high-profile job over numerous, more established contractors. The company knew handling that much concrete meant handling a lot of concrete accessories and chemicals. For this, Roger & Sons trusted Dayton Superior as their primary source provider for all their accessory and chemical needs.

Among the Dayton Superior products being utilized on Tower 4 are: Euro rod, rebar chairs, snap ties, flat ties, Clean Strip™J3, Rez Cure J11W, HP Grout, HP 12 Grout, LT12 Grout, HD25 Grout, HD50 Grout and the Taper‑Lock Splicing System.

Dayton Superior’s Turbo Grout HP12 gave the contractor the required strength to patch and augment 12,000 psi concrete. In addition, Bar Lock couplers allowed the contractor to connect their rebar with Type II splices.

Taper-Lock gave Roger & Sons an efficient way to splice rebar at the thousands of connections required at each floor, providing fast tapered threads to install and high strength results.

“We use Dayton whenever the project requires the best products and reliable results,” stated Peter Rodriques, Executive Project Manager with Roger & Sons.

D55 - MetalStrip™

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A3 - Snap Tie Heavy

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PEZ - Aztec® E-Z Chair®

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Clean Strip™ Ultra J3

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Clear Resin Cure J11W

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HD 50

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