With just 6 months to complete construction of a 4000 seat arena (“The Stable”) for the Rough Riders hockey team plus a second rink for public skating, the contractor knew that the key to finishing on time and within budget was to form the concrete columns, penalty boxes and seating area with as few surprises as possible. The $12.5 million project was privately funded, and there was no room for unexpected costs.
The contractor contacted their nearby Symons representative to explain their concerns, especially the limited access that they would have. With just one construction entrance in the enclosed area, equipment storage and placement would impact maneuvering room for the crane.
Working closely with the contractor, a plan was devised to form the risers and raker beams monolithically. Using shoring frames under the raker beams and Symons Soldier components with lumber form faces to create the stepped seating area, the contractor was able to use the same equipment 20 times, adjusting when necessary, which minimized the amount of materials they needed to have on site.
The contractor remarked that workers were amazed at how fast the assembly could be set up in each location and how few problems they encountered. They report that without the thorough planning and detailed drawings they would never have come close to completing the project on time and on budget.

Symons® Soldier Beam System

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