The luxurious Trump Ocean Club under con‑ struction in Panama City, Panama, is a 68 story, 2.7 million square foot project with dramatic concrete elements that resemble sails. When Symons discussed the project with General Contractor OPCORP Interna‑ tional, we knew that a system approach would be necessary to make the project successful. With the floor footprint, core and support features changing at every level, the plan also needed to be versatile.

Symons proposed using the Steel‑Ply® forming system for columns and walls, ShorFast™ for the decks, and the Hydraulic Self-Lifter for the triangular “mast” core and the two central cores. These three cores, built up early in the construction schedule, shared an electrical Central Control Unit for the hyrdaulic lifting system. The unit features quick coupler connections to the hydraulic hoses which provide the power to the lifting pistons. Once set up, the selflifting system can be raised a complete floor level in 15 minutes.

With the core forming system, outside forms fully retract to allow rebar placement and other forming operations.

Once the contractor had some experience with the lifter system and saw that it was as fast as they had hoped, Symons was asked to come up with a plan for the two dramatically curved back cores that provide the structure with its distinctive sail-like ap‑ pearance. A scale model of the form system was built and presented to the contractor. After seeing the model and discussing how the system operates, the customer was sold and Symons was given the go ahead to build two forming systems, one for each of the void cores on the North and South ends of the building.

With an estimated 175,000 cubic yards of concrete to complete the project, OPCORP International appreciated the time-savings provided by the system.

As the construction crew became familiar with moving the units upward and horizon‑ tally, the pace of core construction began to outpace floor construction as expected. The project is currently reported to be on time, which certainly pleases the owner and the contractor.

Steel-Ply® Concrete Forming System


ShorFast™ Shoring System

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