The construction of a new fire station at the Camarillo Airport exit on the Ventura Highway required that Select Construction, from North Hollywood, California, construct a low culvert structure. To create a 600' wide access area, Select Construction first considered precast concrete construction.
Project Manager Richard Boctor received a bid for precast segments, but he was unhappy with the price tag for this method. Since he had just finished three different jobs that utilized Steel-Ply in a number of ways, he decided to investigate building the culvert in place with this adaptable system. He called on Symons® by Dayton Superior to propose a more budgetfriendly way to build this simple culvert.
Symons proposed forming the culverts with three Steel-Ply gangs, one for the inside walls and ceiling of the culvert and one for each outside wall surface. Each of the three sections could be moved with the contractors’ tractor. The plan called for the 60' long ganged Steel-Ply deck forms to be supported every three lineal feet by 4x4 posts and one horizontal 4x4 held in place with gang waler rods. Removing blocks under the edges of the forms provided vertical stripping relief, and a 2" steel filler in the deck panel layout provided horizontal stripping relief.
The Project Manager reported that the system helped him bring the box culvert construction in under budget and at a substantial savings compared to precast.

Steel-Ply® Concrete Forming System

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