When John Wegner, the owner of Municipal Builders, Inc., first contacted Symons about this project, he was looking for an easy-toassemble system to provide the finish they needed on the high curved walls. He knew they would not be able to use the Steel‑Ply forming system they already owned because of the wall height and finish requirements, so he needed to find something better suited to the application. After evaluating numerous options, he decided to use the Flex‑Form forming system.
A major reason for choosing the Flex‑Form system was the fact that the equipment arrived on the site with the radius already built into the formwork. Superintendent Jerry Adranes commented, “The fact that the forms came to my jobsite with the radius already built was a huge advantage. We saved about one week of labor with this system versus the other options.” When asked what one thing he liked most about the system, Jerry said, “It was quick and easy to assemble, and once you had it together, it was very rigid. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
Municipal Builders, Inc. even discovered some additional benefits by using the 6'x12'Flex‑Form Panels with Pour Doors. The built-in pour doors provided some extra light between gangs on the tall walls and, of course, multilevel access during concrete placement.
Municipal Builders, Inc. was very pleased with the outcome on this project, since the easy-to-assemble Flex‑Form system gave them the ability to form this structure with less labor and complete the concrete ahead of schedule.

Flex-Form® All Steel Flexible Forming System

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