Alliance Contractors is a new customer for Sy‑ mons. They own Steel‑Ply® and have utilized it for years, but they never worked directly with Symons to help them plan a project until they had a small fountain job that needed layout assistance. When that job went very well, we began to make more project proposals.

When they were awarded a large retaining wall project for an intersection improvement project for the Lake County Highway Depart‑ ment, Symons provided forming suggestions for the long, curved walls. The contractor had utilized clamp form products from other manufacturers before, and were interested in seeing what Rapid Clamp could do for them. Mike Paulson, Vice-President of Alliance Contractors, reviewed the proposal. He was very impressed by the comprehensive plans presented, and was confident in his decision to work with us on this project.

The project called for a 100' radius wall along 2 sides of a “T” intersection and a gentler curve along the top of the “T”. Symons plan proposed using 300 x 100 Rapid Clamp panels to form a corded radius. Larger Rapid Clamp panels, combined with some of their Steel‑Ply fillers, would be used on the straight parts of the walls. It was a cost-saving choice because it was less expensive than a true radius form and it allowed the contractor to rent and reuse a small amount of equipment; it was a productive and money-saving choice because it used fewer ties than plans with smaller panel sizes; and it was a time-saving choice because connecting large form panels with clamps is fast.

After nearly three weeks of weather delays, Alliance was anxious to start the project. Symons met with the Superintendent at the site on the first day after delivery of the forms to look over the layout and review the Rapid Clamp Application Guide with him. After a few questions, he was comfortable with the plan and the forming system.

By the time they were getting ready to make the first pour, the Superintendent said he was very pleased with how quickly the system clamped together and how easy it was to follow the plan. He said he would definitely utilize Symons and Rapid Clamp again!

The contractor credits the speed of the Rapid Clamp system and utilizing Steel‑Ply to fill in on the final pour for helping them make up the weather delays at the beginning of the construction project. Rapid Clamp lived up to its name and helped them complete the project on time!

Rapid Clamp™ Forming System


Steel-Ply® Concrete Forming System

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