Williams Brothers Construction, based in Peoria, Illinois, was awarded the construction contract for expanding a wastewater treatment plant in Coal City, Illinois.

The expansion included the construction of several concrete structures and foundations, and the contractor was interested in renting one forming system to handle the entire project.

Although gangforming systems with larger panel sizes offered some productivity advantages for certain areas in the design, the contractor was concerned that conditions would impede the use of a large crane for handling heavy gangs in the potentially wet, low-lying areas at the job site.

After considering their options, they felt that only Steel-Ply provided the combination of design adaptability, high reuse and light weight that they were looking for in this project.

Once they selected Steel-Ply for this job, they realized that the system qualities they admired the most meant that Steel-Ply would also be their preferred forming system for many of the others. So, instead of renting the forms, they decided to purchase most of the Steel-Ply utilized on the wastewater treatment plant expansion.

The contractor appreciate the ability to obtain quality ties and forms from the same manufacturer Symons. This maximized convenience and assured a known safety factor, both important considerations for the contractor.

Williams Brothers reports that Steel-Ply impressed them with its versatility and the ability to meet the requirements for their many concrete construction projects.

Steel-Ply® Concrete Forming System

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