The new Physicians’ Hospital in Murrieta, California held some unique challenges for concrete subcontractor J.P. Toneman Construction. Toneman is primarily a tilt-up contractor that expanded their business to include a structural concrete division.

Although the frame of the building is structural steel, the massive grade beams supporting the structure are concrete. Ranging in sizes from 3’x3’ to 7’x7’, the grade beams boasted varying beam bottom elevations, oblique corners, and multiple intersections in four directions.

During the planning phases, construction of the grade beams was scheduled to begin after the vertical steel members were attached to the piles, allowing a crane to move forms around the upright I-beams. For these complex structural elements, Symons proposed the Rapid Clamp system because of its high capacity and durability. In addition, the construction sequence included thirteen pours, which necessitated a system that could quickly be reconfigured.

Immediately following the Rapid Clamp delivery, California experienced a rainy spell that prevented Toneman from constructing the beams, but the structural iron workers continued. By the time the site was dry enough for Toneman to return to work, the first floor was in place, including the steel pan decking. This change in plans meant that a crane could not be used for placing the Rapid Clamp forms for the grade beams.

Toneman solved this challenge with a high capacity telescopic forklift, and began moving and placing the formwork in 30’ sections (four 200cm x 300cm Rapid Clamp panels with the 300cm stood vertically) within the steel skeleton. Because Rapid Clamp is simple to put together with the Connecting Clamps, the crew quickly adapted to the system.

Even with the lost time, the project was completed three weeks ahead of schedule, proving that even under adverse of conditions, Rapid Clamp is the right prescription to almost any vertical concrete forming application.

Rapid Clamp™ Forming System

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