Dayton Superior Repair & Restoration products span the infrastructure, commercial and institutional markets. They are expertly formulated to combat destructive environmental, load and chemical forces and to mitigate flawed construction methods or practices.

Our technical experts will consult with you to ensure maximum performance from these chemical products:

  • Cementitious
  • Epoxy
  • Acrylic
  • Methacrylate
  • Silane/Siloxane
  • Silicate
  • Epoxy/Acrylate Hybrid
  • Epoxy/Urethane Hybrid
  • Cementitious/Epoxy Hybrid
Chips, cracks, weathering and spalling don't stand a chance against precision-formulated Dayton Superior Repair & Restoration solutions.

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Bar Lock® Couplers System

View System

Commercial Grouting Systems

View System

All Weather J51 AW

Chemicals | Epoxies | Anchoring/Gel

Civil/Structural FPX Repair Powder

Chemicals | Powders | Form & Pour Repairs

MasterEmaco S 440 Cl
SikaCrete 211

Architectural Finish™

Chemicals | Powders | Vertical/Overhead

Final Finish
Tamms Cement wash

Civil/Structural VO Vertical & Overhead Powder

Chemicals | Powders | Vertical/Overhead

MasterEmaco S 488 Cl
Sikatop 123 Plus
Speed Crete PM

Epoxy Grout J55

Chemicals | Epoxies | Grouts

D250L - Standard Bar Lock® L-Series Couplers

Accessories | Splicing | Bar Lock

D250SCA - Bar Lock® Couplers


HD 50™ Repair Mortar

Chemicals | Powders | Horizontal Repair Mortars

*** DISCONTINUED *** Perma Patch™ FP

Chemicals | Powders | Form & Pour Repairs

Perma Patch™ VO

Chemicals | Powders | Vertical/Overhead

Rapid Resin Repair

Chemicals | Epoxies | Resinous Repair

Special Patch® Horizontal Repair Powder

Chemicals | Powders | Horizontal Repair Mortars

Sure Anchor™ I J51 Epoxy Gel Adhesive

Chemicals | Epoxies | Anchoring/Gel

*** DISCONTINUED *** Sure Anchor™ J50

Chemicals | Epoxies | Anchoring/Gel

Sure Patch™

Chemicals | Epoxies | Resinous Repair

Turbo Grout® HP 12

Chemicals | Powders | Grouts


Chemicals | Powders | Specialty Repairs

Weather Worker™ Water Repellant 40% J29

Chemicals | Liquids | Water Repellents

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Our Engineering Services offer a rare balance of personal expertise and modern technologies that prove indispensable to our customers.



The Dayton Superior Learning Center offers a range of on- and off-site training opportunities led by our own team of technical experts.

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