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Whether you want to learn something new or want a refresher course on a product, turn to the experts at Dayton Superior. Check out the below 30-minute Training Tuesday webinars below.

View the latest Training Tuesday video:

Bond Breaker & Tilt-Up Best Practices


Casica Repair & Restoration Chemical Solutions

Intro to Light Forming Systems

Hold-downs & Push-downs 101

Understanding Your Bridge Deck Resources

Bridge Deck Accessories & Estimations

Intro to Heavy Duty Sticks & Boards

"LIVE" From the World of Concrete 2023

Sticks & Boards, Your Intro to Light Forming Systems

Intro to Concrete Form Pressure

Exterior Bridge Decks

Interior Bridge Decks

Intro to Engineering Services

Superior Product Reliability

Bar Supports - Types, Sizes & How Much?


"Superior" Engineering Solutions

Product Estimations & Intro to Slab-Werks®

Connecting Rebar the "Kodi Klip®" Way

Building Panel Connections

Insulated Wall Panels

Precast Lifting Inserts 101

Form Release

Paragon Product Solutions

Bond Breakers 101

Precast Chemical Solutions


Benefits of TCA Certification - Special TCA Guest Speaker!

Solutions for Tilt-Up Bracing

Product Estimations & Intro to Slab-Werks®

Tilt-Up Estimation Tool

Tilt-Up Chemical Solutions

Tilt-Up Bracing Solutions 101

Tilt-Up Engineering Services

Tilt Wall Bracing

Tilt-Up Superior Panel Base Anchor "PBA 10K"

"Superior" Engineering Solutions

Tilt-Up Inserts

The Accubrace® System

Form Release

KODI KLIP® Rebar Connecting System

Tilt-Up Applications 101

Bond Breakers 101


Threaded Rebar Splicing 101

DBDI Dowel Bars 101

Sleeve-Lock® Grout System

Taper-Lock® 101


Bridge & Roadway Infrastructure

Paragon Product Solutions

Intro to High-Rise Solutions

Bridges: Road Infrastructure 101




Bond Breaker & Tilt-Up Best Practices

Intro to Superior Wall Finish

Understanding Chemical Data Sheets

Intro to Polymer Floor Coatings


Water Repellent 101


Intro to Densifiers


The TOP-CAST® System


Intro to Epoxies Use

Form Release

Bond Breakers 101

Anchoring Epoxies

Grouts 101

Concrete Repair & Restoration

LEED & LVOC Chemicals

Precast Chemical Solutions

Tilt-Up Chemical Solutions

Cures and Curing & Sealing

Intro to Bond Breaker


Space-Lift™ Jump Form System

Symons® Soldier Beam System

Intro to Tower-Max® Circular Column Forms

Intro to Max-A-Form® STS

Symons® Engineering Services

Intro to Drop Head Shoring System 

Sym-Ply® Forming System 101

Steel-Ply® Forming System 101

Steel-Ply® Forming System 202

Estimating Steel-Ply®

DeckFast™ Shoring System 101

Intro to the Flex-Form® System


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