V62 - Victory Bear Drip Edge Chamfer

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PVC Drip Edge Chamfer is a single piece combining both 45 degree 0.75" chamfer and a drip edge. Features Flexible Edge Seals which reduce seepage of concrete under the product.

The Drip Edge Chamfer is used at doors, windows, dock doors and archways, wherever the project requires a drip edge along with a chamfer at the panel face.

The V62 Victory Bear Drip Edge Chamfer is a made to order product only. Please call for lead timing, pricing, and availability. 

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  • 100% PVC Reduces Costs—PVC virtually eliminates concrete pitting caused by wood-wicking. It also eliminates discoloration caused by wood sugars. It almost entirely eliminates the need for grinding and patching, saving you man-hours or subcontractor expense.
  • Patented “Flexible Edge Seal”—The patented Flexible Edge Seal fits tightly against the casting surface, preventing concrete seepage while creating sharp, crisp lines.
  • Hidden Fastening System—With Victory Bear there are no finish blemishes from screw heads or excess glue. All screws and glue remnants are hidden under the surface for a sharp, glass-like finish.