V61 and V62 - Victory Bear Recessed Window System

Accessories | Precast | Rustication & Chamfers

Recessed Window System utilizes 0.75" PVC and Recessed Window Chamfer with standard 0.75" Rustication products
Easy to install—Three standard parts fit together easily to create sharp architectural details.
  • Less edge seepage—Reduce the cost of clean-up. The unique Flexible Edge Seal fits tightly, preventing concrete seepage. Minimal patching, sacking and grinding on finished surface is required.
  • Better looking—Eye-catching details are sharp and consistent. The use of PVC eliminates pock marks and imperfections caused by wood and eliminates discoloration of concrete due to wood sugars.
  • No form coat—You save the cost and mess of form coat since PVC does not need a bond breaker.
  • Cleans up easily—Victory Bear systems are made with PVC, an ideal material that reduces clean-up.
  • Reusable—PVC is reusable and strong. It won’t deteriorate with routine use like other materials.
  • Won’t change shape—PVC is reusable, making your investment pay off many times.
Product combination creates recess design around windows and doors to provide a classic design detail for the owner and architect.