P94S - Fleet-Lift™ Forged Anchor


The P94S Fleet-Lift Forged Anchor has is a high-strength, hot forged anchor that can be “wet set” or used with the FL121 Recess Plug. The P94S may also be used in conjunction with the Dayton Superior P98S Shear Bar to transfer the shear forces in edge lifting applications. The P94S has a maximum safe working load of up to 17,000 lbs. without the use of a tension bar. Higher tension loads may be achieved with the use of a P98T Tension Bar.
  • Safe Working Load of 17,000 lbs in tension without tension bar
  • Forged design creates up to 33% higher load capacity than stamped anchors, can reduce the number of anchors required
  • Galvanized finish meets non-rusting requirements
Product Code Packaging
143901 6 TON 3-7/8" HOT DIPPED GALV.
144993 6 TON 4-1/8" HOT DIPPED GALV.
142876 6 TON 4-7/8" HOT DIPPED GALV.
145022 6 TON 5-1/8" HOT DIPPED GALV.
142875 6 TON 5-7/8" HOT DIPPED GALV.
100228 6 TON 6-7/8" HOT DIPPED GALV.
142908 10 TON 7" HOT DIPPED GALV.
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.