P92FEH - Forged Erection Anchor


The P92FEH Forged Erection Anchor is specifically designed to provide greater lifting capacities as related to stamped anchors.  The anchors are forged to provide 30% greater safe working loads. The P92FEH uses a tension bar to achieve the required loads.

Due to the anchor being forged, it does not depend on welds or thread engagement to develop its safe working load.  Forging provides an advantageous material structure that allows increased strength.  This allows the anchor to easily meet the OSHA requirement of 4 to 1 factor of safety.

The P92FEH Fleet Lift Forged 2-Hole Erection Anchor is a made to order product only. Please call for lead timing, pricing, and availability. 

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The P92FEH Forged Erection Anchor is designed specifically for applications where a high-performance anchor is required for tension loads ONLY. A properly installed P98T tension bar is always required when using this anchor.  For shear applications, the P98S Shear Bar is designed to fit over the P92FEH.  The design of the shear bar allows it to fit over the top edge of the anchor.  It is placed in the top notch and secured so that it bears tightly against the bottom of the notch.  Accurate placement of the shear bar provides for spall-free edge lifting.

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