P92 - Fleet-Lift™ Erection Anchor


P92 Fleet-Lift Erection Anchors are specifically designed for horizontal to vertical edge lifts and handling of thin-walled precast concrete elements. Two steel protrusions or “ears” on the head of the anchor provide protection against concrete spalling. These protrusions restrict the ring clutch rotation during lateral pulls. As a result, lateral forces are transmitted directly to the edge of the anchor instead of the concrete. The body of the Erection Anchor is shaped to allow full reinforcement for secure support and spall-free rotation. P-92 Erection Anchors are available plain or hot-dipped galvanized.

Pricing Information/Unit Sizes

Product Code Packaging
FL049 8 TON 13.25" PLAIN
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.