P80 - Shim Strips


Dayton Superior P80 Shim Strips assure accurate placing and leveling of tilt-up panels and other architectural and structural components because they:
  • Are made in convenient thicknesses, lengths and widths allowing precise leveling and alignment.
  • Permit field changes in load-bearing requirements with stock on hand.
  • Are less expensive and safer than steel. They have extreme stability and eliminate rust-stained concrete and spalling.
  • Are size-scored for convenience of application. Prevent waste – material can be readily picked up and stored in the open for future use.
  • Will not fracture under load.
  • Are available from stock in thicknesses of 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" and lengths of 3" and 4". The widths of 3" x 24" are scored every 3" and the widths of 4" x 24" are scored every 2". This allows for easy snap off as needed. Additional sizes available on request.
  • Are impervious to liquids, ground chemicals, alkalis and microorganisms. The continuing performance characteristics are stable and predictable.
  • Will not rust, rot or leach when exposed to wet surfaces and have no odor.
  • Arrive at the job site in precise thicknesses and lengths.
  • Eliminate the need for saws, hand tools or cutters. A definite saving in time, labor and money is realized. The strips are easily applied and lie flat.
  • Decrease damage potential to the adjacent concrete components. Point projection of aggregate is absorbed without fracture or effect on the load-bearing characteristics.
Engineering Data: The pertinent physical properties of Dayton Superior plastic shims are presented as follows:
  • Compressive strength of 8,000 to 9,000 psi with no fracture, even at 26,000 psi.
  • Classed as slow-burning with no toxic fumes.
  • Negligible cold flow characteristics; i.e., less than 1% at 1,000 psi and 73° F. for 10,000 hours.
  • Coefficient of linear expansion is 3 to 5 x 10-5 inches/inch/°C.
The P80 Shim Strips are also available to be made to order. Please call for lead timing, pricing, and availability. 
Product Code Description {{vm.msrpHeading}} {{vm.userPriceHeading}} Sold In Quantity
62000 1/16" X 2" X 4" - SOLD IN 2000 PARTS PER CARTON Call for price $521.89
Call for price {{ vm.getMsrpPrice('62000') | currency }} / CARTON Log In Call for price {{ vm.getUserPrice('62000') | currency:"$":3 }} 2,000 carton increments
62003 1/8" X 2" X 4" - SOLD IN 2000 PARTS PER CARTON Call for price $1,019.21
Call for price {{ vm.getMsrpPrice('62003') | currency }} / CARTON Log In Call for price {{ vm.getUserPrice('62003') | currency:"$":3 }} 2,000 carton increments
62006 1/4" X 2" X 4" - SOLD IN 1000 PARTS PER CARTON Call for price $1,019.21
Call for price {{ vm.getMsrpPrice('62006') | currency }} / CARTON Log In Call for price {{ vm.getUserPrice('62006') | currency:"$":3 }} 1 carton increments
145600 1/8" X 4" X 4" - SOLD IN 1000 PARTS PER CARTON Call for price $1,019.21
Call for price {{ vm.getMsrpPrice('145600') | currency }} / CARTON Log In Call for price {{ vm.getUserPrice('145600') | currency:"$":3 }} 1,000 carton increments
62008 P80 - Shim Strips Call for price $1,019.21
Call for price {{ vm.getMsrpPrice('62008') | currency }} / BOX Log In Call for price {{ vm.getUserPrice('62008') | currency:"$":3 }} 50 box increments
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