P30 and P31 - Corewall® Nut Type Slotted Insert and Corewall® Strap Type Slotted Insert


Dayton Superior Corewall Slotted Inserts and accessories are engineered for performance and have proven to be one of the most advanced, adjustable inserts available on the market today. The slotted inserts feature a plastic back and a removable plastic slot cover that keeps the insert clean and saves you valuable time during the erection process. Corewall Slotted Inserts from Dayton Superior are available in two different types, the P30 Nut Type Slotted Insert and the P31 Strap Type Slotted Insert. Both types have tabs on each end of the insert for easy attachment to your forms. The P30 Nut Type Slotted Insert uses a spring-loaded, zinc-plated, heavy duty 3/4"-10 National Course (NC) threaded nut to provide fast, efficient and reliable connections. The P31 Strap Type Slotted Insert is used with either the P32 Standard Strap Anchor or the P33 Slotted Strap Anchor, depending upon your erection requirements. The P34 Threaded Strap Anchor is used with the P30 Nut Type Slotted Insert. The design of the strap anchor allows for fast installation of the anchor into the slotted insert. This speeds up the erection process and saves valuable installation time. As part of the erection process, the strap anchor is welded to the building's structural frame to make a ductile connection. All Corewall products are manufactured from a weldable grade of steel. Dayton Superior Corewall Slotted Inserts are ideal for use in precast concrete industrial wall panels, architectural panels, structural panels or precast parking structures. The Corewall Slotted Inserts are also suitable for use in seismic areas.

Pricing Information/Unit Sizes

Product Code Packaging
25250 SA 1835 HOT DIPPED GALV.
25220 SA 1825 HOT DIPPED GALV.
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.