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The Dayton Superior P24 and P24XL Delta Ties are unique insulated tilt-up concrete panel connectors.

The Delta Tie is produced using an engineered composite matrix. It consists of a geometrically configured, two-dimensional truss manufactured from continuous wound fiberglass embedded in an alkali-resistant resin. The design of the Delta Tie produces a connector of remarkable strength and durability.

The P24 and P24XL Delta Tie Sandwich Panel Connector is also available to be made to order. Please call for lead timing, pricing, and availability. 

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124107 P24 - 5 " X 7" - SOLD IN 200 PARTS PER CARTON Call for price $10.64
Call for price {{ vm.getMsrpPrice('124107') | currency }} / EACH Log In Call for price {{ vm.getUserPrice('124107') | currency:"$":3 }} 200 each increments
100654 P24 - 5 " X 7" - SOLD IN 200 PARTS PER CARTON Call for price $11.12
Call for price {{ vm.getMsrpPrice('100654') | currency }} / EACH Log In Call for price {{ vm.getUserPrice('100654') | currency:"$":3 }} 200 each increments
143984 P24L - 9" X 11" - SOLD IN 100 PARTS PER CARTON Call for price $29.77
Call for price {{ vm.getMsrpPrice('143984') | currency }} / EACH Log In Call for price {{ vm.getUserPrice('143984') | currency:"$":3 }} 100 each increments
  • Increased load bearing.
  • Stiffer insulated panels, easier to handle.
  • Design flexibility.
  • Material, labor and transportation cost reduction.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Applicable to all brands of foam panel insulation.
The connector is designed so that it can be oriented in the panel either on end or side, depending on the thickness of the insulation. For example, the 5" x 7" size can"be used on its side in a 1" to 2" insulation or on end for 2" to 4" insulation. The Delta Tie can be used with any rigid insulation from 1" to 4" thick. This versatile, dual-use feature adds to the Delta Tie's effective application compatibility and, at the same time, reduces inventory and storage. In individual connector specimen and full size panel tests, the Delta Tie has exhibited excellent loading behavior and load capacities.


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