D9 - Taper Tie - D/R Thread

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Dayton Superior D9 Taper Ties are used where specifications require or permit complete removal of the form tie from the concrete. A complete taper tie assembly consists of one taper tie, two flat washers and two appropriate nut devices. For wrench turning purposes, taper ties are manufactured with a square end. On the opposite end (smaller end) is designed with a protruding nose to prevent thread damage during the removal operation. Coating the taper tie with waterproof grease will facilitate taper tie removal.
Standard taper ties are manufactured with a taper up to 30" in length. Longer tapers are available on special order. 

Standard taper ties are supplied with coil thread in the diameters and lengths shown in the chart. Other lengths are available on special order.
Product Code Packaging
60562 COIL THREAD 1-1/2" TO 1-1/4" DIA X 42"; SWL=50,000 LBS
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.