Precast Parts & Concrete Accessories

Dayton Superior delivers the most comprehensive portfolio of precast concrete product solutions in the industry. From precast concrete lifting anchors and inserts, bar supports and rustication strips to braces and helical anchor installation, Dayton Superior is the trusted source for precast concrete accessories.

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Dayton Superior is the leading single source provider in the precast concrete industry for accessory and chemical product solutions engineered for performance, strength and safety.

Our precast concrete accessories portfolio includes:

Swift Lift® System
Connection Inserts
Fleet Lift® System
Sandwich Panel Connectors
Utility Anchor®
Strand Restraining Devices
Lifting and Handling Inserts
Precast Bracing
NC Threaded Inserts
Sleeve-Lock® Grout Sleeve
Bar Supports & Spacer Wheels
Threaded Splicing Systems
Rustications, Chamfers & Covers
Bar Lock® Rebar Coupler System


Our selection of precast concrete chemicals includes:

Form Release
Epoxy Construction Adhesives
Curing Compounds
Bonding Agents & Admixtures
Bond Breakers
Non-Shrink Grouts
Evaporation Reducers
General Use Mortars


Precast Engineering

Dayton Superior’s team of Precast Engineers use unique, proprietary software for the design of lifting point bracing and anchors. These are supplied as a complete package with site drawings as well as the following detail for each panel:

  • The type and location of lifting inserts
  • The location of the bracing inserts
  • The size, location, and spacing of additional reinforcing steel needed for lifting
  • The location of the floor anchors for brace attachment
  • Field books include a rigging diagram to assure the panel is lifted as it was designed, safely and without damage. A complete bill of material unique to the project is also provided.
  • Delta Tie and Insulation layout shop drawings for Precast Insulated Panels

Please fill out and submit the Precast Job Information Sheet.


Project Profile: Glasshouse Skylofts – Winnipeg – Manitoba, Canada


Precast Training

Dayton Superior’s team of precast professionals can provide on-site or virtual training sessions customized to your needs. Whether you want to provide an overview of precast products and their applications or more specific in-depth training on the use of a specific product or proper installation processes, we are here to help. For Precast Training inquiries, please email

We also encourage you to view our latest precast product videos.

Yeti Anchor® Installation


Delta Tie Insulation System


Set the Foundation for Your Success with Precast Concrete Products & Supplies from Dayton Superior

Dayton Superior is the leading provider in the manufacturing of concrete accessories for every sector of the concrete industry. Our customers know we always have their precise needs in mind. Contact our team of experts today and discover how Dayton Superior can help meet your precast concrete accessories needs.

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