The State of Utah embarked on a large-scale infrastructure investment project to restore and expand the I-15 Corridor, a 25-mile stretch of roadway, in an effort to advance economic development within the state and meet the demand for improved transportation systems through the year 2030. The I-15 Corridor serves over 120,000 cars a day. One of the largest and most significant project components is the replacement of 55 aging bridges throughout Utah County.

As part of the I-15 CORE project, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) specified that a polymer overlay be used on 55 new bridge decks, totaling approximately 1.1 million square feet, within the interstate system to withstand extreme weather conditions, thermal cycles, snow plows and heavy traffic.

To assist them in their bid to secure the overlay subcontract for the project, ProTech Coatings, a leading concrete repair and restoration contractor approached Unitex® for a product solution that would meet the criteria for performance, value and efficiency.

Prior to the I-15 CORE project, Unitex spent a significant amount of time demonstrating to UDOT how their overlay system would comply with set specifications. This effort resulted in the specification of ProPoxy Type III DOT. That, combined with Unitex’s respected reputation throughout the industry for high quality products and unparalleled technical support, prompted ProTech Coatings to seek out the company’s expertise. Together, ProTech Coatings and Unitex presented UDOT and the I-15 CORE project’s design-build contractor, Provo River Constructors with the winning plan to provide product, equipment and technical support to meet the project’s performance requirements and a rigid time schedule.
“A former manufacturer failure jeopardized the continuance of the UDOT Bridge Overlay Program. Because of Unitex, UDOT’s confidence was restored,” explained Chad Diamond of ProTech Coatings. “We choose Unitex for material confidence and understanding the needs of the customer.”

Pro-Poxy™ Type III DOT

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