Below is a list of our currently available American Institute of Architects (AIA) presentations.

AIA Classes

  • Concrete Restoration and Protection

    Course #: REPR02
    Credits: 1.0 LU/CEU 
  • Curing Concrete, Methods and Materials

    Course #: DSC012
    Credits: 1.0 LU/HSW/CEU
  • Evaluating Underlayments and Toppings for High Rise Construction

    Course #: DS301
    Credits: 1.0 LU/CEU
  • LEED and Understanding Green Products in Design

    Course #: -RR.
    Credits: 1.0 LU/CEU
  • Liquid Densifiers

    Course #: LD01
    Credits: 1.0 LU/CEU
  • Rebar Splicing Product Training

    Course #: DSSP1
    Credits: 1.0 LU/CEU
  • Saving Time and Money with Self-Leveling Toppings in Lieu of Finished Concrete Slabs on Mid Rise and High Rise Construction

    Course #: 7CON04
    Credits: 1.0 LU/CEU
  • Sealers and Water Repellents for Protection of Concrete Surfaces

    Course #:DSW125
    Credits: 1.0 LU/CEU
  • Tilt-Up - The Modern Architectural Method of Construction

    Course #: DST002
    Credits: 1.0 LU/CEU