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Special Patch is a polymer-modified cementitious two-component concrete repair mortar for use in thin and thick-section concrete patching and overlays. It is ideal for repairing interior warehouse slabs or exterior concrete pavements.

  • Excellent abrasion resistance to heavy loads and traffic
  • High early strength for fast repair and turnaround
  • Versatile, Easy to trowel consistency for horizontal applications
  • Does not form a vapor barrier for durable exterior repairs
  • Rapid-hardening mortar that accepts foot traffic in 1-2 hours and pneumatic tire traffic in 4-6 hours


For all horizontal concrete and general repairs (interior and exterior, above and below grade).  Ideal for parking deck repairs, ramps and roadways, as well as interior warehouse floors subjected to heavy loads and abrasion.

Product Code Packaging
139952 50 lb. bag and jug kit
139951 50 lb. pail and jug kit
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.

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