Pro-Poxy™ AWP

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Pro-Poxy AWP is a 100% solids, low modulus, three component, all weather, non shrinking epoxy/urethane hybrid concrete repair and patching material. Pro-Poxy AWP utilizes 100% solids epoxy/urethane technology along with specialty graded aggregates for achieving rapid turn around concrete repairs in all weather conditions.
  • Non-shrink
  • Chemically resistant
  • Easy 1:1 mixing ration for Parts A & B
  • Cures in temperatures as low as -20F (-29C)
  • Open to traffic within 20 minutes
  • Meets FDA and USDA requirements
  • Low odor
Pro-Poxy AWP is specifically formulated, designed and engineered for use as an all weather, interior/exterior concrete spall and crack patching and repair mortar where a rapid turn around time is critical or cold conditions are a concern. Pro-Poxy AWP can be used for patching of bridge decks, overpasses and roadways surfaces, freezers and cold room floors, airport runways, warehouse floors and any concrete slab or floor traffic way in need of repair or patching where cold temperatures are present or rapid turn around time is required.
Product Code Packaging
140502 0.45 CU FT UNIT
Specific customer pricing may be available in Dayton Access. Minimum standard packaging sizes may apply.