T41A - Ground Release Insert

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The Ground Release II System is a unique method of tilting concrete tilt-up wall panels into position and allows the hardware to be easily released from the ground. Ladders are normally not required during the hardware release process which greatly increases worker safety and productivity.


Features of the T41A Ground Release II Insert Are:
  • Flexible Plastic Antenna folds over when screed passes, but springs back to indicate insert location.
  • Plastic Recess Plug creates a void for attaching the Ground Release II Lifting Hardware to the insert head.
  • The expendable plastic recess plug is easily removed from hardened concrete.
  • Directional Label indicates correct panel thickness and direction of plastic recess plug in relation to top and bottom of panel.
  • Ground Release II Anchor. This hot forged anchor permits rapid hardware attachment and allows smooth rotation of the hardware during the releasing operation.
  • Wire Frame is standard used with T41A inserts. This provides a stable base that is easy to insert to rebar cage.
  • Ground Release II Inserts are shipped assembled, ready to use and are sized 3mm less than panel thickness.