PSBU - Aztec® Strongback Slab Bolster Upper

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Slab Bolster Upper Supports:
  • Top layer in Double Mat application
  • Rebar or Wire Mesh
  • Slabs
  • Heavy Duty On-Grade
  • Corrugated Decking
  • Side-Form Spacer (below-grade applications only)
  • Precast

    Designed for use with Epoxy-Coated/FRP/Stainless Steel/Galvanized rebar 
  • Intended for use in corrosive environments 
  • Spans corrugations in elevated deck applications 
  • Suitable for use on Vapor Barriers or Insulating Foam 
  • No overlap required 
  • Manufactured in 30" lengths in standard boxes 
  • Special packaging available in 5' or 10' sections, bundled and palletized 
  • Strong as metal SBU